"Brian is a great event photographer. He's enthusiastic, professional and very easy to work with. Serpent Moon (my dance troupe) has worked with Brian for the past few years at many of our events and gotten great photographs from him. We dance in many large public areas, and he's always unobtrusive."  ~ Carolyn Fritz (circa. 2009)

“I would love to say that Brian Reed, of Ah-Some Photography, is an amazing photographer, but I would be cheating him of his proper title. He is truly a genius at his artistry. Brian is a true professional, who is welcoming and unbelievably talented! Photographers are easy to find, but to find one like Brian, whose passion comes to fruition through his work is pretty rare. I would recommend Brian to anyone looking for a photographer.”  ~ Omayra Acevedo

"I have worked with Brian Reed and Ah-Some Photography on numerous occasions when we needed photo documentation of events for the Yellow Designs Stunt Team. Brian was always punctual and professional and has captured many great images that we have utilized for both online and print promotions of our traveling BMX show."  ~ Brian Gavagan, Owner, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, Denver, Colorado

"Brian is very fun to work with! He is very good at working with new models, and is good at giving direction or letting you do your own thing."  ~ Monica Ariel

"Brian is a reliable photographer, personable, and on-time. His work is beautiful, really capturing the moment as if it is still happening. He's a sweet down-to-earth person, compassionate, and really connects with people easily. I highly recommend Brian's services!"  ~ Julia "Jewl" Petteway

"Brian is a rare photographer who is reliable and dependable (hard to find these days in the field). His work and art speaks for itself – see his portfolio. I always enjoy working with him. "  ~ Sam Spiegel – art2body.net

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